Choosing your Perfect Brows


Powder Brows & Hair Stroke Brows are an amazing way to upgrade your brows! At First Class Cosmetics, you can count on fabulous brows without skin damage. All brow tattooing is done with a cosmetic tattoo machine, which allows all work to be done on the surface of the skin. This keeps skin healthy with no future damage. We choose the safest and most gentle procedure for our clients. The longevity of your brows is so important to us!  We study the best way to implant pigment into the skin.

Powder Brows

Powdered Brows are Brows created with a soft powder finish, similar to your favorite makeup, like brow pencil or brow powder. Eyebrows are easily one of the most important parts of framing the face. This procedure is amazing for those looking to add some soft, airy, defined structure to your brows. Powder Brows are the answer to an easier morning routine, and waking up with a flawless natural look. This brow technique is great people with oily skin, and all other types as well. Powder brows are easily a client favorite as they are such great enhancement for all! Powder Brows resemble the essence of makeup, but natural!

Ombre Brows

No matter what your skin type is, Ombre Brows are a suitable procedure for all. Ombre Brows are brows that start with lighter powder at the front of the brow and gradually get darker towards the tail of the brow creating a blended gradient makeup effect. Ombre Brows are essentially another style of powder brows. This is great for those who want to rock a more makeup style. If you are used to wearing brow makeup often, and possibly a more layered makeup routine, this style is great for you.

  • All forms of powder brows are last longer than any other brow technique. All skin types are good candidates for both powder brow techniques. We are powder brows obsessed!

Hairstroke Brows

Hair strokes are created to add fullness, and shape to the brows or even create a brow out of a client who has little to no brow hair. This technique can be life changing for those suffering from hair loss due to illness or accident. These brows are very realistic looking and are made to look like actual brow hair.

Combo Brows

These brows are a combination of two techniques. These brows are created by using powdered brows powder effect and hair stroke brows realistic hair texture appearance to create the ultimate brows. A client who lacks shape is a good candidate for this technique. This treatment can take your brows to the next level and give you the ultimate fluffy brow of your dreams.

  • All brow techniques are a form of semi permanent makeup. Powder brow techniques do last longer than hair strokes. Clients with large pores and an oily skin type are not the best candidates for hair strokes semi permanent brows. Oily skin causes hair strokes to blur once healed and over time.


Microblading is a great way to achieve natural looking hair stroke like texture to your brows. If you like full, fluffy brows with a very natural healed result these brows are for you! Microblading is best done on dry to normal skin. This technique would not be suitable for those who have oily skin. If you have oily skin you can experience blurry appearing results from your Microblading, as well as fast fading and patchy results due to the oil in the skin pushing the pigment out while healing and over time in general.

Powder Brows vs Microblading | Hair Stokes vs Microblading

The difference between Powder Brows and Microblading is the style and way the pigment is implanted during the tattoo process. Powder Brows use a soft shading technique that stays on the surface layers of the skin. Brows last longest with any powder brow technique. Microblading is used to create hair strokes. This is done by using a mini blade to create the hair texture look with a handheld tool and pigment of choice. Another option is machine tattooed hairstroke brows. this is also a form of semi permanent make up. This method is created by using a cosmetic tattoo machine made for tattooing permanent makeup on facial skin. this technique is controlled and gentle and able to achieve realistic looking brow texture while staying on the surface layers of the skin. This method is a safer route to achieving your desired look of hair strokes if you are someone with oily skin. Powder brows are the best brow technique for all universal skin.



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